Air freight is the most reliable alternative for perishable cargoes that must reach a distant destination or where delivery times are very tight.

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what makes us different?

Full or Part Chartering

Full Air or Part Charter shipping services, triangular operations ….

IATA Agent

Our experience in handling airfreight shipments has earned us the IATA Cargo Agent certificate.

Global network

In addition to the main commercial air routes, IST has an extensive global network for airfreight shipments all over the world.

Our services



Flexible and customer-optimised solution according to the customer’s needs.


Delivery 48 hours

More urgent shipments from the fastest and most reliable air freight service.


Delivery 1-3 days

Priority air service where delivery time is of the essence.


Delivery 3-5 days

Fast and affordable airfreight service with a pre-determined transit time.


Delivery 5-7 days

Shipments looking for a cost-effective air service when transport time is not a priority.



Combination of sea and air transport. A much faster way than traditional sea freight at a much lower cost than traditional air freight.

Specific Services

We do not only take care of the management of your shipment by air, we go much further and offer the possibility of a global service for the whole process.

Door/door service

We coordinate the air transport operation from the warehouse to the final customer, including customs clearance, goods insurance, handling, palletising and picking.

Dangerous goods

We manage the shipment of dangerous goods and specific projects.


Air transport in multimodal format, flexible, secure, with constant monitoring and tracking thanks to our network of globalised agents.

Storage and consolidation

We offer the option of warehousing and preparation of shipments at our logistics bases.

Perishable cargo

We carry out the transport of perishable goods with their additional formalities, taking of temperature or placing of thermal blankets and gel packs.


We have a sanitary licence to store: Biocides, sanitary and personal hygiene products.

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