Logistics and storage

At IST we have a structure of logistics centres throughout the Spanish Mediterranean. We have more than 29 logistics centres with a total capacity of 1,350,000 million M3.

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Logistics solutions

Our network of centres establishes logistics and storage strategies for any type of goods, regardless of their characteristics or their specific transport and storage needs.

Tailor-made projects

We carry out Ad hoc projects for the logistic needs of our clients.

1.Understanding. We know the logistic needs of the company.
2.Creation. We create a plan adapted to those needs.
3.Presentation. We present to the client the new logistic plan of his company.
4.Implementation. We implement this plan in our work method.

Logistics and storage

All temperatures

We carry out storage at all temperatures:

Refrigerated (1-4ºC)
Frozen (-25ºC)
Dry (Ambient temperature)

Loading and unloading of containers

We load and unload containers. We carry out palletising and depalletising of cargo.

Order preparation

Collection and combination of loads for a customer’s order. This consists of putting together packages, parts, products or materials and, once they have been assembled, moving them.

Local and National Distribution

Local distribution in all temperatures from a small package to a full truckload. National distribution at all temperatures.

Customs Warehouse

We have a Customs Warehouse service where we act as a customs agent in order to optimise the shipping times of your goods.

Cardboard packaging

We have a cardboard packaging service for your products. A perfect option for your agricultural products.

Special handling

If the products need special handling we will take care of them, we even relabel them for your packaging.

Reverse logistics

We return products from the point of consumption or end-user to the manufacturer or distributor for recovery.

Vacumm Cooling

The product arrives at the site at an excess temperature. Our service cools it down quickly before storing it at cold temperatures.

Pick-up in Campo

The product directly from the field to our refrigerated warehouses. You don’t have to worry about anything, we collect the produce with our trucks directly from the field.

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