As a road haulage company, we have the resources, professionals and strategic alliances necessary to offer a full load service and delivery at destination of all types of products.


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National Transport

International land transport service: exports, imports and cross-trade from anywhere in the world, whether in DRY, REEF or special equipment.

International Transport

National land transport with more than 1,300,000 m3 of logistics platforms and warehouses between Almeria, Murcia, Valencia and Barcelona, which provide the best conditions for handling and storage of dry or refrigerated and frozen goods.

Refrigerated Transport

We have our own warehouses in strategic points of the national and international territory with capacity for storage at 7 temperatures, as well as a network of agents that guarantees the best customer service.

Full truckload and groupage

We have customs warehouses for storage and preparation of orders, which allows us to speed up the shipment of goods. We offer comprehensive dispatch of goods anywhere in the country.

National services


3 Temperatures

We ship at three temperatures: cold, dry and frozen. We have the option of transport in bitemperature. We use refrigerated trailers and tourline.


All Spain

Daily connections to all parts of Spain


Fruit and Vegetable Specialist

Daily connections with the main national markets, both full-load and groupage.


Industrial transport

Daily connection Barcelona-Madrid and Madrid-Galicia. Full load and groupage

International services


Connections with all of Europe by reefer and Tauliner for full loads. Groupage to the main destinations in Europe by reefer.

24-hour service

We work every day of the year, 24 hours a day to offer you a total service, with no surprises.


Reefer and Tauliner connections from Europe for full loads. Groupage from the main destinations in Europe by reefer.

Continuous traceability

We maintain strict control of the goods from origin to destination. Our GPS system will ensure that your goods are located at all times.


To anywhere in Europe by Tauliner, Isotank or Liquid Food Tanks.

Controlled Temperature

We transport in two temperature ranges. The colder one between 2-5 ºC and a wider range between 8-12 ºC.

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